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The Not-For-Profit Difference

LeadingAge Virginia's membership base consists of not-for-profit retirement communities throughout Virginia whose collective goal is to provide a positive aging experience for residents, staff, and the broader communities in which we operate. What makes us different?

Setting the Standard
Our nation's not-for-profit housing, community service, and long-term care service and support providers are on a mission. Their objective: to provide the highest quality and most compassionate care to those they serve. By continuing a tradition of mission-driven, consumer-centered management and competent, hands-on care, not-for-profits set the standard in the continuum of housing, care and services for the most vulnerable Americans.

Not-for-profit organizations are accountable to voluntary boards of directors, who donate their time and talent to ensure that ethical management, financial integrity, and quality services are maintained. Not-for-profit finances are always open for public inspection; with such information readily available on the Internet, the information is literally at our fingertips. Not-for-profits have a responsibility to be active, contributing members of their localities.

Mission-Driven Values
Not-for-profit organizations manage their financial resources in accordance with their missions. Many of these housing and service providers were founded by faith-based and civic groups of rich tradition, and their long-standing values are reflected in their governance and management. They are not driven by daily pressure to increase their “bottom line” for owners, investors or shareholders. All proceeds are reinvested in fulfilling their missions, improving facilities, and rewarding staff. Quality, not earnings, is the barometer of a not-for-profit organization’s efforts.

Not-for-profit providers have a longstanding tradition of leading with quality. A review, in combination with statistical contrasting and combining results from 82 studies that compared not-for-profit and for-profit nursing homes, found that not-for-profit aging services organizations produced superior outcomes on several quality measures.

Long-term care involves creating lasting relationships. Many not-for-profit providers have been in their communities for decades and offer the stability that provides peace of mind. These communities are less likely to sell or close because of economic fluctuations.